WG2 - Surface functionalization

Developing and exchanging standardised protocols for the surface functionalization of UCNMs to yield stable suspensions that do not aggregate and can be conjugated to various ligands for binding to target molecules

The major objectives for the surface functionalization working group are the following :


  • Using UCNMs for biosensing requires their solubility within a large concentration range in aqueous media (biological “solvents”).
  • Surface coatings and functionalization must be designed and characterized to yield a maximum dispersibility for biofunctionalization as well as in their bioconjugated form.


  • The application of UCNMs in-vivo, in cells, in body fluids, and in biological buffers requires stable and reproducible surface coatings and functionalization.
  • Minimum toxicity and maximum biofunctionality (minimum interference of UCNM with the biomolecule) are required.


  • UCNM surfaces must be functionalized to be accessible for the conjugation of various biomolecules (e.g., proteins, antibodies, peptides, DNA, RNA).
  • Surface functions must be designed for a maximum versatility of bioconjugation using the most common bioconjugation approaches (Hermanson – Bioconjugate Techniques, ISBN: 978-0-12-382239-0) for both random and orthogonal bioconjugation.

Long-term stability

  • The development of biosensors or diagnostic kits requires long term stability for both storage and inside the biological systems to be investigated.
  • Surface coatings and functionalization must be designed to provide both material stability that prevents degradation during the actual biosensing and material stability that allows for simple and long-trem storage of UNCM bioconjugates.


Niko HILDEBRANDT (PhD, Professor)

NanoBioPhotonics (nanofret.com)

Institut d'Electronique Fondamentale (IEF) / Institut of Integrative Biology of the Cell (I2BC)

Université Paris-Sud / CNRS / CEA

91405 Orsay Cedex - FRANCE

Tel:+33 1 69 15 55 81


The working group achievements :


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COST Action CM1403 (2014-2018)

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Vice-Chair: prof.Tero Soukka (University of Turku, Finland)

COST Science Officer: Dr. Lucia Forzi (Bruseels, Belgium)

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