WG3 - Instrument Development

WG3 is focussed on the development of dedicated instruments for the photo-physical characterisation or (bio)analytical applications of UCNMs using reference materials from WG1. The specific demands of users who are involved in assay development or medical imaging (WG4) will be used to define the technical requirements for developing the instruments.

Major objectives of WG3:


Instruments for measuring absolute quantum yields and luminescence lifetimes of UCNMs

  • Sharing UCNMs to measure quantum efficiencies with dedicated  instrumentation available in participating research facilities
  • Measurement of luminescence lifetime of the same UCNMs in relation quantum efficiency and potential anticipated application

Laser development

  • Explore possibilities for obtaining (fiber) lasers that better suit the excitation wavelength of UCNMs considered for specific (in vivo) applications in particular to tackle relatively high 980 nm water absorption


Development of a single molecule microscope for UCNMs

  • Optimization of wide field microscopy in combination with EM-CCD camera to visualize single UCNM particles
  • Optimization of confocal microscopy to visualize single UCNM particles


Development and customisation of instruments

  • Identify and involve potential/commercial suppliers of equipment that can be adapted (straightforward and at reasonable cost) for UCNM measurements for various applications


Prof. Hans J. Tanke

Leiden University Medical Center

Department of Molecular Cell Biology

Einthovenweg 20

2333 ZC Leiden

the Netherlands

Phone: + 31 (0) 71 526 9201/9200

Fax: + 31 (0) 71 526 8270


The working group achievements :

  1. Publication: Highly sensitive laser scanning of photon-upconverting nanoparticles on a macroscopic scale. Andreas Sedlmeier, Antonin Hlaváček, Lucia Birner, Matthias J. Mickert, Verena Muhr, Thomas Hirsch, Paul L.A.M. Corstjens Hans J. Tanke, Tero Soukka, and Hans H. Gorris, Anal. Chem. 2016, 88, 1835-1841
  2. New equipment: At LUMC a commercially available microtiter plate reader (UPCON; LabRox Oy, Turku, Finland) suited for UCNM was successfully tested for LF strip analysis. Improvement of the (graphical) users interface, software and output is ongoing. 


COST Action CM1403 (2014-2018)

Chair: dr Hans Gorris (University of Regensburg, Germany)

Vice-Chair: prof.Tero Soukka (University of Turku, Finland)

COST Science Officer: Dr. Lucia Forzi (Bruseels, Belgium)

STSMs Manager: dr hab. Artur Bednarkiewicz (PAS & WCB EIT+, Poland)


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