At the moment, there are three companies, which joined the CM1403 Action, namely Kaivogen Oy and Labrox Oy which are the providers of UPCONTM technology. Upcon™ is a trademark of Kaivogen Oy, Finland and Labrox Oy, Finland. The second one is SpinChip Diagnostics AS.

Kaivogen Oy is a producer of high quality laboratory reagents. As a first European company, Kaivogen offers upconverting nanoparticles for the industry and for academic research groups (for more information on the Upcon™ nanoparticles, visit In addition, Kaivogen offers streptavidin-coated microtitration plates with a range of properties in several 96-well formats. Also anti-mouse IgG coated plates are available. If the customer's assay demands a special surface for optimal performance, Kaivogen runs a custom coating service for plates. For the detection of biomolecules, Kaivogen provides several lanthanide chelates with different metal ions, activation chemistries and fluorescence properties. If the customer is interested in having a biomolecule coupled with a label, Kaivogen also provides a labelling service for small molecules requiring HPLC-purification. In addition, Kaivogen offers controlled production facilities for the preparation of buffers and other laboratory liquids.

Labrox Oy is a producer of  singlemode and multimode plate reader family, which offers many benefits over competing products. As the readers are designed as modular subunits they can be easily configurable as a multimode plate reader with many different measuring technology configurations (TRF, ASB, FL, LUM, UPCON).

SpinChip Diganostics AS - SpinChip Diagnostics develops a new state of the art platform for in vitro diagnostics at the Point of Care setting. The technology applied provides significant value by enabling faster, easier and more reliable point of care analyses at hospitals and in decentralized medical settings. The fully automated device analyses blood samples from a finger prick within a few minutes. The device comprises unique microfluidics and the two complementary read out systems within the apparatus enable immediate reliable diagnosis and follow up of e.g. cardiovascular, inflammatory, infectious, diabetic and endocrine diseases.

The company's initial focus is on the rapid cardiac segment. A high sensitive Troponin-I analysis is under development and the portfolio will swiftly be broaden to a cardiac panel. The SpinChip platform aims to deliver the same quality as the very best high-sensitivity central laboratory analysis. The flexibility of the SpinChip platform enables a range of tests to be developed.

SpinChip Diagnostics was established in 2012 as a spin-off from the research organization SINTEF.



COST Action CM1403 (2014-2018)

Chair: dr Hans Gorris (University of Regensburg, Germany)

Vice-Chair: prof.Tero Soukka (University of Turku, Finland)

COST Science Officer: Dr. Lucia Forzi (Bruseels, Belgium)

STSMs Manager: dr hab. Artur Bednarkiewicz (PAS & WCB EIT+, Poland)


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