Johanna Pyylampi (FINLAND)


Kaivogen Oy

Tykistökatu 4 D, 2nd floor

20520 Turku, Finland


Email : johanna.pyylampi(at)

COST ROLE : Member

Description of the Organisations and PI

Kaivogen Oy is a producer of high quality laboratory reagents. Kaivogen offers streptavidin-coated microtitration plates with a range of properties in several 96-well formats giving the customer the option to select the best alternative for the specific application. In addition to streptavidin plates, Kaivogen also offers anti-mouse IgG coated plates as a catalogue item. If the customer's assay demands a special surface for optimal performance, Kaivogen also runs a custom coating service. For the detection of biomolecules, Kaivogen provides several lanthanide chelates with different metal ions, activation chemistries and fluorescence properties. If the customer is interested in having a biomolecule coupled with a label, Kaivogen also provides a labelling service for small molecules requiring HPLC-purification. In addition, Kaivogen offers controlled production facilities for the preparation of buffers and other laboratory liquids.

Dr. Johanna Pyylampi carried out her PhD studies at the University of Turku Department of Biotechnology during the years 2008-2013. Her thesis dealt with luminescent lanthanide reporters and their use in bioanalytical applications. Before that she received her M.Sc. in biotechnology at the University of Turku department of biotechnology (2002-2008). Alongside her studies, Johanna Pyylampi also worked as a project manager and acted as a doctoral programme coordinator (2010-2013) of the National Doctoral Programme of Advanced Diagnostic Technologies and Applications (DIA-NET) coordinated by the University of Turku. Dr. Pyylampi currently works at Kaivogen Oy, a biotechnology company based in Turku, Finland. Her past/present positions at Kaivogen include, among others, R&D project manager and quality manager, and she is also a member of the steering group.

Dr. Pyylampi's areas of expertise include:

  • Biotechnology
  • In vitro diagnostics
  • Bioaffinity assay technologies
  • Luminescent reporters
  • Upconverting nanoparticles
  • Project management
  • Quality management


COST Action CM1403 (2014-2018)

Chair: dr Hans Gorris (University of Regensburg, Germany)

Vice-Chair: prof.Tero Soukka (University of Turku, Finland)

COST Science Officer: Dr. Lucia Forzi (Bruseels, Belgium)

STSMs Manager: dr hab. Artur Bednarkiewicz (PAS & WCB EIT+, Poland)


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